Student Support Services

We are dedicated to ensuring that you will receive all the support you need to succeed in your studies during your time with Alice Spring College. Please refer to the Alice Spring College website for the complete ‘Student Support Services Policy and Procedure’. We offer a variety of support services that are listed below:

  • Academic Issues: If you are concerned with your attendance, academic performance, or other related matters that are preventing you from succeeding in your studies, you can access support and receive advice on how to perform better in your studies and obtain satisfactory results. A Student Support Officer will be available to discuss your study needs with you, or the Administration Manager may provide you with advice, guidance, or further referral if needed.

  • Personal/Social/Welfare Issues: Students may access the Support Officer during working college hours if they wish to discuss issues affecting their social or personal life, such as personal issues, family/friend matters, or accommodation issues. You may be referred to a higher support service if the Administration Officer feels that you require further support.

  • Critical Incident: ASC has a documented Critical Incident Policy together with procedures that covers the action to be taken in the event of a critical incident, required follow up to the incident and records of the incident and action taken. Critical incidents include but are not limited to:

    • Missing students

    • Severe verbal or psychological aggression

    • Death, serious injury or any threat of these

    • Natural disaster; and

    • Issues such as domestic violence, sexual/physical assault, drug or alcohol abuse

    • Non-life-threatening events

  • Complaints and Appeals Policy: Please refer to the Complaints and Appeals Policy section for more information, or visit our website to download the complete policy.

  • Accommodation: Alice Spring College does not offer on-campus accommodation or take any responsibility for accommodation arrangements, but we are able to refer you to the proper accommodation service if necessary, and are available to any issues you may have with your accommodation arrangements. Students should ideally organise their accommodation in Australia before arriving, but can be referred to appropriate services by the Administration Manager.

  • Medical Issues: Our student Administration will always have an up to date list of medical professionals within access from ASC location and any student with medical concerns should inform the Administration Manager, who will assist them in finding an appropriate medical professional. A list of local medical services can be gained from the Administration Manager.

  • Legal Services: ASC is able to provide some advice and guidance on a limited range of situations. Where the Administration Manager feels it appropriate for you to gain professional legal advice, they will refer you to an appropriate legal professional.

  • Social Programs: Apart from the Student Orientation Program, the Administration Manager will occasionally organise social events that allow all students enrolled with ASC to mingle and socialise. These events may range from cultural and sightseeing events, to dinners, excursions and sporting events. They will be organised as demand requires and any suggestions can be forwarded to the Administration Manager.

  • Health and Safety: The staff at Alice Spring College campus are professionally trained to administer first-aid, and students have access to a number of medical professionals on campus. Students with any medical concerns can speak to the Administration Manager, who can provide you with locating on-site medical professionals or nearby medical services.

  • List of Student Support Services: Should Alice Spring College feel the need to direct you to seek professional advice in situations where we are unqualified to make judgement, the

  • Administration Manager will provide you with a list of services for external professional services.

  • Depending on the course you are enrolling in, you may also be required a language, literacy, and/or numeracy test to assess your abilities. For further information, please visit, contact us at or (03) 9642 2902, or visit us in person at Level 8, 271 William Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.

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